Electric Reads is pleased to announce a newly published novel, now available for review. Jacob’s Dory is the debut novel of Peter Hutson-Jones.

Jacob’s Dory is wonderfully atmospheric thriller set in 19th Century Nova Scotia, which early reviewers have already dubbed an “absorbing old fashioned story” and a “hard book to put down”.

Jacob's Dory by Peter Hutson-Jones book cover1869. Teenager Nancy Haas has been murdered. Found dead on Sable, a small island just off the eastern coast of Canada. She has been brutally choked to death.
Jacob Madder, best friend to Nancy, believes that he played some part in the crime. Confused and struggling to recall what happened, Jacob embarks on a journey across the province to uncover the truth.
Who killed Nancy Haas, and is she the only victim?
Set during the beautiful yet unforgiving Nova Scotian winter of 1869, Jacob’s Dory is a stunning thriller about guilt, love, treasure hunting, and the search for the truth.

Reviews are welcomed. If you’d like to request a free review copy and media kit for the author, please contact matthew@electricreads.com.

For more information about Peter and his writing, visit his author website at: peterhutsonjones.com

post image courtesy of Flickr user, Aristocrats-hat