You’ve written your book and it’s time to publish. It’s likely you’ll want to upload your book to Amazon’s Kindle store – the most popular e-book platform on the Internet. Before you do, you’ll need to have your book adapted for Kindle (you can do this yourself, or you might consider using our professional and affordable e-book conversion service) and you’ll also need a cover design.

With these two things to hand, you’re ready to upload to Amazon’s Kindle store. Here’s a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process:

1. Visit

2. Sign into your Amazon account (this is the same account as you would use for buying items from Amazon, so should use your regular e-mail address and password) or if you don’t have an Amazon account, sign up for one.


3. You will now be taken to your bookshelf – the central place where all the books you have uploaded to Amazon can be accessed. To add your new book, click on the ‘Add new title’ button.


4. This takes you through to the first form you need to fill in. All the information on this page relates to your book and its meta-data, as well as the actual file and book cover itself. The information you enter on this page is what will appear on your Amazon listing so take your time and make sure you’re happy with everything before you move on. To start, enter the basic information about your book: Title, Author, Genre, etc.


5.  At the bottom of this page you can also upload you book cover, and your book file. First, click on the ‘Browse for image’ button under the ‘Upload Your Book Cover’ section, then select your book cover file. Once you have done this a thumbnail version of your cover will appear. Next, upload your book file by choosing to ‘Enable digital rights management’ and then clicking on the ‘Browse for book’ button. Again, select your book file, and this will be uploaded. nb. Larger files, particularly those containing images, can take a few minutes to upload.


6. Once your book file has been uploaded you will have the option to preview how the file will look to readers using Amazon’s unique preview tool. This will let you view your file as it would appear on any of Amazon’s Kindle range and also iPhone and iPad, and it’s a good idea to check it through and make sure it is formatted as you’d like. If everything looks good you can close the preview window and click the ‘Save and Continue’ button at the bottom of the page.


7. This is the final page, and is where you assert your rights and choose how much you want to sell you book for in each territory. Once you’re happy that you’ve entered your price(s) correctly, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save and Publish’ button.


And that’s it! Most books appear on the live Amazon site within a few hours, although this can take up to one full day – once your book has gone live, it’s always worth checking the listing to make sure everything appears as you’d intended.

I hope this post has helped you to add your book to Amazon’s Kindle store – we’re always more than happy to help our clients with the upload process at no extra charge, so if you’ve had your book converted by us and have any questions, do get in touch – it’s important to us that the process is as easy as possible for you.

You can find out more about our E-Book Creation Service here.

post image courtesy of mike mccune