At Electric Reads we are passionate about good literature and helping writers to achieve their dreams.

We believe that any book that is published, independently or otherwise, should be the best quality that it can be – from the writing itself through to the packaging and marketing campaign that supports it.

We appreciate that there are many writers out there with fantastic ideas for novels – perhaps who have written their first manuscript – but who simply don’t have the budget to polish it into a publication-ready book that can really compete with the big publishers’ offerings. This is where we come in. We believe that every book deserves the utmost attention from everyone who works towards its publication – our endeavour should match the passion and commitment you poured into the book to get it written.

But we appreciate that publishing a book can be an expensive business if you want to do it right. Therefore, we are committed to offering a range of services – broken down to distinct categories so that you only pay for what you need – priced transparently and fairly, balancing the expertise of the members of our team with the need to provide affordable, high-quality services to authors and small publishing houses.

While we firmly believe in pricing fairly, allowing anyone to polish their manuscript into something special, we are absolutely committed to offering the highest quality results, and adding the personal touch to our service. No matter which services we can offer you, you will always be able to speak directly to the person who is working on your book – offering feedback, and helping shape the work to your own specifications.

Our commitment to you as potential clients is a professional, friendly, and affordable service. Our commitment to the publishing world in general is to improve the quality of independent books, helping authors to put out high-quality works that readers will enjoy, and that add to the wide spectrum of books available to the reading public.

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