E-Book Creation

With so many different formats of eBook available, it can be difficult to format your manuscript correctly. A sloppy typeset, badly defined chapters, or poorly designed structure can turn readers off immediately. Make sure your book looks its best, by using our inexpensive and top quality eBook service. With a great turnaround time, we will turn your manuscript into well-designed ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats. Find out more

Print Typeset

The market for eBooks is booming, but there are still plenty of readers out there who prefer, or exclusively read, print books. There’s nothing quite like seeing your work in print, and by offering your book in multiple formats you’re widening your potential audience too. Find out more

Book Cover Design

For self-published authors it is absolutely essential that your book is packaged professionally – book covers sell books – and a great looking design will improve sales dramatically. A dedicated graphic designer will work closely with you, taking your ideas and concepts and producing a book cover design that can be used for any of the major electronic book formats. Find out more

Blurb Writing

Second to an attractive cover, the blurb of a book is the next most important thing that potential readers and reviewers will look at when deciding whether to open/download a book. Our copy-team will write a blurb that sells the key elements of your book to your intended audience. Find out more

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