Manuscript Critique

For those who have finished their manuscript and are considering routes to publication, this is an ideal service. A critique offers a professional report on your manuscript, which picks out any major problems, and includes suggestions on ways to improve not only your plot, but also your writing style. This is particularly useful for those that don’t feel a full editing service is required but want a professional analysis of their work. Find out more



With so much competition amongst self-published authors, a professional standard edit will make your book stand out from the crowd, and allow readers to enjoy your prose without interruption. A proofread involves a close read of your manuscript, which will be annotated to highlight grammatical and spelling errors, accompanied by explanatory notes and suggestions. Find out more


Complete Edit

This is our most comprehensive editing service, which combines the strengths of both the critique and proofread services, as well as offering significant extra advice for the author. A complete edit includes a careful reading of your manuscript, which will have spelling and grammatical errors corrected, and be returned to you with a report on the strong aspects of the manuscript and the weaknesses (both plot and prose). A dedicated member of the literary services team will then work closely with you, offering support and suggestions as you re-write your manuscript. Find out more


Script Services

We offer a range of script services to help you polish your script into its very best form. Whether you need help getting industry-standard formatting correct, or ironing out your plot or dialogue, we have a service for you. Find out more


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