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This is our most comprehensive editing service, which combines the strengths of both the critique and proofread services, as well as offering significant extra advice for the author. A complete edit includes a careful reading of your manuscript, which will have spelling and grammatical errors corrected, and be returned to you with a report on the strong aspects of the manuscript and the weaknesses (both plot and prose). A dedicated member of the literary services team will then work closely with you, offering support and suggestions as you re-write your manuscript.

A complete edit includes:

  • A close reading of your manuscript.
  • A detailed report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your plot, characters, and pacing.
  • An evaluation of your writing style, which highlights issues or recurring errors.
  • Suggestions on how any significant issues identified might be resolved.
  • The correction of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or syntax.
  • The correction of errors in sentence structure or language use.
  • The correction of factual errors where the information would reasonably be considered common knowledge.
  • The highlighting of duplicate words where they appear close together.
  • The return of your manuscript with annotated corrections, indicating what has been changed, with an explanation where necessary.
  • Suggestions for improvements and the opportunity to discuss ideas, via e-mail or phone, with the editor.

A complete edit will not include:

  • Any checking as to the legality of references within the manuscript.



Prices are based on the service level described above. If you’d like us to offer a tailored service we would be pleased to discuss your needs and produce an individual quote.

  • £7.00 per 1,000 words.


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