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For those who have finished their manuscript and are considering routes to publication, this is an ideal service. A critique offers a professional report on your manuscript, which picks out any major problems, and includes suggestions on ways to improve not only your plot, but also your writing style. This is particularly useful for those that don’t feel a full editing service is required but want a professional analysis of their work.

A critique will include:

  • A full reading of your manuscript.
  • A detailed report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your plot, characters, and pacing.
  • An evaluation of your writing style, which highlights issues or recurring errors.
  • Suggestions on how any significant issues identified might be resolved.

A critique will not include:

  • The correction of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or syntax, or errors in sentence structure or language use.
  • Any checking for factual errors, or the legality of references.



You will receive two parts to your manuscript critique; a unique report detailing the compiler’s thoughts on various elements of your work along with brief suggestions, and an annotated copy of your manuscript with brief notes to highlight particular issues raised in the report. You’ll see examples of both parts of a manuscript critique below.



Prices are based on the service level described above. If you’d like us to offer a tailored service we would be pleased to discuss your needs and produce an individual quote.

  • £4.00 per 1,000 words


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