Web Design

In the world of e-publishing a personalised book website is vital to reaching your potentially worldwide target market. By maintaining your own book website you have a place to point potential readers via social media campaigns, and a place where people can find out more about your book. It also allows you to drive traffic to the book-selling platforms that offer you, as the author, the greatest share of the profits, thus giving you far more control over your product. Our excellent team of web and graphic designers will put together a professional website that draws on the themes of your book to provide a wonderful home for your masterpiece on the web. Find out more


Social Media Campaign

With the vast majority of sales of self-published works now occurring over the Internet, its important to reach your target audience. Due to current web trends the most effective way to do this is through social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Our team of marketing experts will set up a Facebook page for your book, and a Twitter stream and populate/manage both for two months, building a brand for your product and helping to drive visitors to your book’s website and/or places on the web where your book can be purchased. Find out more


Organic Reviews

Community sites like Amazon and Goodreads offer readers the opportunity to share their opinion about books that they’ve read. A book which has received a number of honest reviews is significantly more likely to sell than a book which has a very small number of reviews, or a handful or inflated 5-star comments. At we Electric Reads we believe in the power of honest opinion, and work tirelessly to achieve a level of integrity with all reviewers we work with. Our organic reviews package utilises our extensive contact lists to approach influential bloggers and reviewers, offering them a review copy of your book in exchange for an honest review posted to a specified community site. There are never any guarantees when you approach third parties, but we promise your money back, if our enquiries do not return at least 5 organic reviews on your community site of choice. Find out more


Free Period Promotion

There is no quicker way to get your book into the hands of thousands of new readers than by running a free period that lasts for a few days. E-book giveaways have been a staple marketing strategy since e-readers like the Kindle became popular and will help find a new audience for your work quicker than anything else. We’ll set up and promote a free period hard for you and results are guaranteed. With thousands of new readers, what better way to promote all of your titles in one quick and easy promotion? Find out more


Book Blog Tours

A huge number of readers write reviews on their personal websites or blogs as well as on community site like Amazon and Goodreads. Having your book reviewed by influential bloggers is a very valuable marketing avenue, and one that the big publishing houses utilize regularly. However, as an independent author it can be really hard to have your book accepted for review as there are so many authors out there competing for this chance. Let us use our extensive contact list to organise a blog tour for you. A blog tour is, simply put, a specific period of time when reviews/interviews/give-aways are scheduled to appear on a number of blogs. This allows readers to follow the blog tour and read the opinions of several bloggers about your book. The scale and organisation of these tours can vary greatly, and our marketing team will work closely with you to design a blog tour that is right for you. Find out more


Media Kit

When promoting your book you’ll want to approach a range of different media outlets and having a professional media kit will certainly help you to attain coverage in a wider range of media outlets. Our marketing team will provide you with an extensive media kit in a usable format, which can be added to your personal website, or e-mail direct to media contacts. To see what is included in one of our media kits Find out more


Print Materials

Many authors now publish exclusively only. However, we firmly believe that print promotion is still an important and valuable way of marketing your book, and what’s more makes you stand out from the crowd. With this aim in mind our marketing team are happy to work closely with you to produce a range of print materials, including; bookmarks, leaflets, postcards. Find out more


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