Free period promotion


Giving away books might seem like the opposite of what a professional author wants to do but there is no better promotional tool for your writing than, well, your own writing. Giving away e-books has been a great marketing strategy since e-readers like Kindles first became popular. By making your book available for free download for just a couple of days could see thousands of new readers discovering your work. It is a fantastic way to build an audience fast and help promote other titles you have available. Most importantly, we can handle all of the promotion for you – so it couldn’t be easier to get your book into the hands of thousands of readers.

We will work with you to identify the optimal period of time to run your free period and also to identify the audience who is most likely to enjoy your book. We will then organise with retailers to discount your book on the chosen days and will then promote it to the masses with the aim of generating several thousand downloads for you. What’s more, our service is guaranteed, so if we don’t hit the number of downloads we aim for, we will give you a proportional discount (i.e. if the target is missed by 20% we will give you a 20% refund). So you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will see the returns we predict for your money.


We have two levels of promotion for a free period and we will look at each individual work to ensure we are confident of meeting our targets before accepting it for a free period promotion.

Basic free period (target of 1,000 downloads) – £350.00

Premium free period (target of 2,500 downloads) – £500.00

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