Community sites like Amazon and Goodreads offer readers the opportunity to share their opinion about books that they’ve read. A book which has received a number of honest reviews is significantly more likely to sell than a book which has a very small number of reviews, or a handful or inflated 5-star comments. At Electric Reads we believe in the power of honest opinion, and work tirelessly to achieve a level of integrity with all reviewers we work with.

Our organic reviews package utilises our extensive contact lists to approach influential bloggers and reviewers, offering them a review copy of your book in exchange for an honest review posted to a specified community site. There are never any guarantees when you approach third parties, but we promise your money back, if our enquiries do not return at least 5 organic reviews on your community site of choice – of course, we aim to return significantly more than this and pride ourselves on our commitment to each individual project.


Organic reviews service – £350.00

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